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This self-indulgent website serves as a forum for all of the creative outlets I pursue to get through daily life. 

I am a Doctor of Musical Arts (yes it exists). What do you do with that? Well. It is yet to be determined. What I have done is this:

Played with every kind of western music ensemble there is (wind ensembles, string ensembles, brass ensembles). I am a percussionist and have therefore participated in many different forms of percussion ensemble, including steel band, and for a brief two week period, samba line. I have participated in many, many, many contemporary music festivals, projects, and recitals. I have played in churches, nursing homes, schools, coffee shops, country clubs, personal residences, and on occasion, in the street. I have played with several selectively famous and important people (no one really knows about them outside of the percussion/music world) and studied with some others. 

I very much like to write. I did not study it in school, but do it compulsively, on napkins, on envelopes, in notebooks, on the back of bills... You will find some of those writings here. 

I also enjoy visual art and photography. I was raised by an artist. My rudimentary knowledge and amateur skill may also be found here.

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